In response to shortages in the Cayman Islands of personal protective equipment in the fight against COVID-19, Caribbean Filtration has introduced a new product - facial masks featuring nanotechnology filtration.

Face Mask
Our unique design includes two parts. Part one is the exterior of the mask that is made from a double-layer of 100% cotton, which captures about 90% of large air droplets exhaled out. The second part is a filter insert, which is made using a nanotechnology media that helps capture approximately 52% of particles as small as 0.125 micrometres, roughly the size of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. Together it ensures that the majority of the air droplets remain within the mask. The cotton mask is washable making it a sustainable choice for personal protective equipment.

$11.00 each
Filter Inserts
The filtration inserts are replaceable and should be removed and disposed of after each use.

$5.00 a pack of 5