Our Story

Caribbean Filtration is the premier manufacturer and supplier of commercial and residential HVAC filters in the Cayman Islands. We are conveniently located just off the Easterly Tibbetts Highway close to the Butterfield roundabout, where we welcome customers to visit our manufacturing plant and the store.

Established in 2019 by Alex Dilbert, as a natural extension to its sister company Eco House, an eco-friendly air conditioning and spray foam insulation company, Caribbean Filtration offers our customers high-quality, locally made air filters at a competitive price.

Our range of standard and custom filters is produced in-house at our manufacturing plant creating skilled trade opportunities for Caymanian workers.

Founded on the idea that the quality of the air you breathe has a profound impact on the life you live, we guarantee the effectiveness of every filter we produce.

We truly are a breath of fresh air.

Our Products

When it comes to keeping your home or office healthy and efficient pleated air filters are the best choice. At Caribbean Filtration we produce up-to-date pleated air filters for commercial or residential use. Our range of standard and custom filters is produced in-house at our manufacturing plant in Grand Cayman using the highest quality materials.

The air filters are made of a synthetic blend of media which is laminated with expanded metal then pleated to increase the service area and housed inside a rigid die cut frame to maintain its shape and snug fit so no particles can bypass the edges of the filter. This allows the pleated filters to capture microscopic airborne particles and enhance airflow better than a non-pleated fiberglass or washable filter.

Standard Filters:
Our filters are rated at Merv 8 and Merv 11 efficiency and are available for purchase in standard sizes ranging from one to six inches in depth and six to 30 inches in width/length.
Custom Filters:
Manufacturing our products on an island gives us the flexibility to produce custom-sized product on-demand for any size residential or commercial air conditioning systems.

Our Services

Air conditioning is a necessity in the Caribbean heat, but there shouldn’t be a trade-off between keeping cool, keeping healthy and saving electricity. Having the right air filter prolongs the life of your air conditioning system and enhances its efficiency. Changing your filters regularly means purer air ensuring the health of your home or commercial property.

At Caribbean Filtration we know your life is busy, so we keep track of your air conditioning needs so you don’t have to. Register with us today and create a customer profile, which allows you to choose the type and size of filters you need and how often you would like them to be changed.

No more high utility bills or costly AC repairs because you forgot to change the filters. Our helpful staff will send you a friendly reminder by email and arrange to deliver the filters directly to your front door and will even install them for a small fee.