Face Mask

Our unique design includes two parts. Part one is the exterior of the mask that is made from a double-layer of 100% cotton, which captures about 90% of large air droplets exhaled out. The second part is a filter insert, which is made using a nanotechnology media that helps capture approximately 52% of particles as small as 0.125 micrometres, roughly the size of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. Together it ensures that the majority of the air droplets remain within the mask. The cotton mask is washable making it a sustainable choice for personal protective equipment.
$11.00 each

Small $11 each
Medium $13 each
Large $15 each
SMALL size should fit children from 2-7 years of age.
MEDIUM should fit a young adult to a female of an average age.
LARGE to work on adult men mostly.

Deliver within 1-5 days

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